If your freight cost invoice has not been paid, don’t take this lying down.

No win, no fee defence.

Have you transported goods or provided a similar service for a German customer and are now waiting for your money?

Time to fight back! We will help you.

German law handles claims under freight contracts in an idiosyncratic fashion; they become statute-barred after only one year and not three, like comparable claims. This often tempts clients to default on their bills, especially bills in the low four-figure range. Instead, the clients gamble that the foreign creditor will not make the effort to claim a relatively small amount and will not instruct a German lawyer, who would require advance payment before launching a default action, which would incur further costs.

And all that in a foreign jurisdiction. So some clients may make excuses about the short limitation period or just try to lie low. After one year, if no measures were taken to limit the statute-barring, the creditor can do nothing. Using a collection service is also often ineffective, because this is only dunning the claim, not suing, if the client does not pay voluntarily.

We are a litigation funder and will bear all the necessary costs for you, especially the legal fees. If no money is recovered, we will take the hit and you will incur no costs. From any money we recover, we take only a success fee.
We work with highly specialized lawyers on financial claims arising from freight forwarding contracts on daily basis.

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We will even take care of claims as low as €300. Contact us. We will review your claim for free and give you a quote.


Who is Sophokles?

We are a litigation funder specializing in lawsuits against large and medium-sized companies. Litigation funding means financing a legal dispute. If successful, the litigation funder will receive a previously contracted share of the money recovered.

How much will it cost for Sophokles GmbH to finance my claims for damages?

If your claim is not successful, you will incur no costs and bear no risks. If successful, Sophokles will receive a previously contracted share of the money recovered.

What are the advantages for me if I ask Sophokles to help enforce my claims?

You bear no risks and incur no expenses. The whole process is coordinated by us. This includes carefully selecting specialized lawyers and conducting court proceedings, should this be necessary.

How can I engage Sophokles’ services?

Contact us. We will then liaise with you and prepare a quote.

When can I assert my claims for damages against the debtor?

Our lawyers are at your disposal when the freight cost amounts to €300 or above.

I have passed the claim to a collection company; can I still use your services?

Yes, as soon as the collection company has returned the claim to you.

How long is the procedure likely to take?

This is difficult to estimate at this point in time. If a lawsuit is required, it could take quite some time. If a settlement can be reached, in or out of court, it may be over more quickly.

Can I expect an out-of-court settlement?

We will try to recover the claim out of court first. Many creditors pay as soon as they realize you are serious about recovering the claim through the court.

When do claims become statute-barred?

In accordance with Section 439(1)(1) of the German Commercial Code (HGB), freight claims for transportation within Germany become statute-barred after one year.
Pursuant to Section 439(2) of the German Commercial Code (HGB), the limitation period begins on the day on which the goods are delivered.
For international shipments, Article 32 of the CMR applies.
Pursuant to Article 32(1) of the CMR, freight claims subject to this Convention are time-barred within one year.
Under clause c), the limitation period begins with a period of three months after the transport contract was concluded.

How long will the procedure take until I get my money?

That depends on whether the debtor pays voluntarily or whether we need to go to court.

Where will my claim be filed?

At the competent court; as a rule, at the debtor’s registered office.

How much time will I have to allow for the procedure? Do I have to attend the trial?

You will need to make almost no effort. You will not usually be required to attend court.